Womens Asics Gel

Finally a site that you can buy shoes from in a

straight forward, no B.S.way.

With a simple promise –

The best quality Running shoes at the best price!

I am not into hype and I don’t want this website to be. I train and race in Asics (Kayanos are my personal choice). The girls I train run and race in Asics (Kayanos, DS’s and 2150’s are their choices). My aim for this website is simple, just to offer other women out there the same opportunity I have to train, run and race in the same high quality shoes I do and for the most reduced price I can find out there on the net.

I have done the searching around on the net for the places that provides the best value for women looking to buy a pair of Womens Asics Gel runners. Whether this is your first time buying Asics Gels or you are a seasoned runner looking to buy the next model of your favourite Asics Line then feel comfortable knowing you wont find them for a lesser price than here.

Just as with my training and preparation for my first marathon, so do has my search for the best priced shoes been thorough, comprehensive and exhausting J

Please feel free to browse through the site and decide which style of runner is best for you, I have provided as much information as I could find about each different style so you can make an informed decision.

I hope you also enjoy reading the various posts written by myself and other contributors to the blog about Womens Asics Gel line of runners and shoes. Please leave a comment, I love to hear other woman’s thoughts and feeling about their runners.

Create a great day!

Bree :)